Bkshivani-why i am not contented/satisfied

                      why i am not satisfied

 why i am not satisfied ?

                                                why i am not satisfied:  who is not contented with what he has Would not be contented with what he would like to have.This is the essence of all. He who is not contented with what he has Will not be contented when he gets what he wants right now.Whatever I have right now today If I am not contented with that And if I have a desire of having something else Even when that desire is fulfilled Even then I will not feel contented.Again proving the same thing Again proving that my contentment and the fulfillment of my desire are not connected.But it is such a strong statement. He doesn't even say ;probably; or ;might; not be contented.He says ;will; not be contented. Maybe we are partly contented It can;t be that we are partly contented.Either you contented or you are not.There is no such thing as feeling a little contented or a lot contented. I am either contented or I am not contented.Things or situations outside are a separate entity. 

                                 The energy we create internally is a separate entity. There is no connection between the two.We have complete, 100% freedom To create the energy we want.We should not even say 90% or 95%. It is 100%. Stimulus may be from outside but we have the complete freedom of what quality of thought we create. As will be our thought That will decide the quality of the energy And that will decide what we earn internally. what we lose internally.So there is a factory here inside And the factory that lies outside They are not connected to each other. Whatever is our production outside - targets balance sheets - whatever we have outside There is no connection between what happens outside and inside.But all the entities outside we prepare a timetable, we allocate time, we speak to my staff I put so much efforts to go to bank or to meet clients New even set annual targets We plan regarding payments to be made and to be received So towards the end we will say we don;t have time.
                                         It is okay if you did not find time. My attention didn't even go there. Even if your attention didn't go there. Whatever we say - whether we had no time or whether we did not pay attention Then also I am telling myself That I had time to do this task But I had no time for this internal task. And actually we don't need to allocate separate time for the internal task. While doing everything outside we need to take care of our thoughts.Important is that to take care of the business outside we had 24 hours.Whereas we had no time to take care of the business going on internally.Never mind. But it means I earned a lot outside And since I did not pay attention to the business inside, obviously there will be a loss.All say that There might be a lack of faith or lack of interest Or not enough trust that something should be earned internally.What is the faith needed in this whole process?It is about our experience throughout the day. It doesn't need faith, it is only about the experience that we feel throughout the day .We just need to observe that we are experiencing it. Two business partners There can be a father and son running the same business,That can be husband and wife running the same business Which means situation is the same, any crisis in the business will be the same Problems will be the same, any deadlines missed will be the same,Fluctuation in targets will be the same Wont the two people in each set respond differently?It is an experience throughout the day so why is faith needed here?Faith is needed only for things that we cannot see or experience.Whereas this is visible and can be experienced throughout the day.We meet so many people where the father has run the business in a particular way ,They run the business at a particular speed .Now when his sons have entered the business, he want to accelerated the speed many times.The children are not contented about the way things are going on in the business.They want more and more.Situation is the same. The father is contented about the business. The son is not contented/satisfied. you are contented in a smaller house Today, in the same house the family is not contented.In the same situation One person is contented and other is not.Faith is not needed here. It is practical and visible every day. Sometimes there is a doubt created.
 Bkshivani-why i am not contented/satisfied

                                              For example a dog feels so happy when you feed a biscuit. It wags its tail.Kids feel happy when they are given toys.Which means they are getting happiness from outside isn't it? Children feel happy on seeing chocolates or toys Different children feel happy looking at different things.There are some children who don;t like chocolates and toys.Some children like bitter or dark chocolates.They are different. Then not getting happiness from external things.They have used the external things to create a nice thought.Thought like - Oh, I like this, I am so happy.One child creates that thought on seeing the chocolate.Someone else creates that thought on wearing a piece of diamond.Someone else can create the thought on meeting certain people.They create that thought in their relationships.We feel so happy when we go home.Using the stimulus they are creating a nice thought.If we analyse it to this extent within and finalize it That my happiness is dependent only on my thought creation. 

                                             May be you want to know that How can we create a thought without a stimulus? Does it mean that stimulus is equally important? That is also important.The biscuit or Diamond or anything for that matter Without them how to create good thoughts? We can create good thoughts even in their absence, even when they are in abundance Even when we have very little even when we don't have them at all. Irrespective of it, what do my contentment and happiness depend on?They depend on the thoughts I create.We need to finalize this once and for all.That my happiness, my satisfaction, and my contentment Are not dependent on things, situations or people outside In that situation, or with that person Or maybe seeing that dish Or looking at that achievement What is the thought I create? My happiness and contentment depend on that.When this gets fixed with complete clarity ,The most important thing that happens is that blame-game finishes.My grandchild once fell down while playing.His lips started bleeding.I was sitting.One person was frantically running to get ice cubes, another was looking for it in the fridge, third person when to get wet cloth.Someone else suggested that we don;t tell his mother otherwise she will be worried . I just said - put half spoon sugar in his mouth .I did not even get up from my place to see what happened to him.It was the same situation for all of us.Different people reacted differently.It will happen 100%, no matter what the situation is.That is why we need to hold onto the fact that happiness is in the way I think.Contentment is in the way I think.That is why the line was so beautiful you are not able to create a thought of contentment today Then even after getting what you desire, you cannot create a thought of contentment.I was very clear that a child will fall while playing, it is common.Even in future he may fall and hurt himself.Nothing will happen to the child. Giving him a little sugar will console him. This was fixed in my mind.In that situation because you had the knowledge and clarity, What is the power Of stability that you mind got? .When the mind remained stable because of knowledge and clarity. It did not blame anyone and it focused on the solution.When we were in the midst of the scene, what was our state of mind in that situation? Contented. This is fine. It happens. The child will be fine.What were the others doing? Someone might have been blaming.Someone was panicking.They were not contented with the situation.A simple sign to make out whether I am contented or not ,Is to see how many times our state of mind fluctuates throughout the day.Whether with our own selves, with other people, with situations or with achievements.What does it mean to say I fluctuated?I am not contented at that moment.How come?You said something unpleasant to me.As a result you are not contented. Isn't it?But I am basically a contented person.But you came and said something to me and triggered.We cannot say I am a contented person. We need to create contentment at every moment.If you are a contented person permanently Then no scene ever can disturb you. you saw that the grandson had fallen down.Since you had the knowledge you did not get disturbed.So at that moment, your contentment with what was happening, remained intact. But when I said something negative to you, at that moment if you didn't have the knowledge Or the knowledge was being forgotten at that moment -That is her perspective, it happens, everyone things differently.What was the intention behind her statement... Whatever.Because of lack of knowledge what did we do at that moment?We got disturbed.At that moment we were not contented with the other person and the situation.So throughout the day I need to check for how long I remained contented And for how long I was not contented.
 Bkshivani-why i am not contented/satisfied

                                     Once I identified that I was not contented, how to change it?Using knowledge.Just like I had the knowledge with my grandson fell.Rising and falling are bound to happen for a lifetime.In this case (where I say something negative to you), the knowledge is - people will behave differently. This is bound to happen for lifetime.That is a very nice point.Like I mentioned that falling down is a part of growing up.Kids do fall when they are playing.Likewise, people being different is a part of life. Isn't people being different, a part of life? So I should take it in the same way.Just like how I said it is fine and it keeps happening with growing children. Simple ,This means it can happen in any situation, since people behave as per their perception. Their feelings intentions and perspectives will always differ. It is bound to happen.Can I say that to myself also when I do a mistake? That it happens.Not for others but it has been my loss? If I have made a mistake because of which I have suffered a loss If I just leave it at that, then I will continue to suffer a loss.Suppose I cried today or I was angry or I was jealous - it means I have made a mistake.Because I have made a mistake I have incurred a loss internally. A very nice line That anything done repeatedly becomes a habit. But when I make a mistake if I just let go of it without doing anything Then I will keep in current loss where as I want profit inside.This is a good point. How could I forget it? You had given it as a homework too. I need a profit so I cannot let that mistake continue.What is someone else makes a mistake, then it is simple. Let us look at it like a business.I made a mistake so I incurred a loss inside I need to immediately correct it.Somebody else made a mistake but I need profit inside.What should I do then? Why should I buy his mistake? So what should I do internally? In business if something is under loss, we will not buy it. The other person has made a mistake. I want profit internally. What should I do? We need to remember throughout the day that I need profit inside.With every person, in every scene and every situation, if I keep incurring loss How is happiness possible? Let us make it our Mantra today.Just like I responded to the child falling, here also I can say - Never mind. Let them say what they want. Let them say anything. Why should I hold it on my mind? Why should I not keep it on my mind? It has an answer - that I need profit.It is not even that I need profit. If I don't take care then I will incur loss. So we should change our thought immediately. Otherwise our profits will also reduce.It will obviously reduce.Throughout the day either earn profit or go under loss. It cannot remain constant.Because we anyway need to create thoughts.So either it is a nice and right thought which will give me profit.Or it is wrong thought which will put me under loss.So by analysing the other person and thinking about them continuously If I am undergoing loss, then who is responsible for it?I am responsible for it.The other person did what he had do and he left. I am facing a loss.It is a business here generating income. I need to earn profit.In every scene even when we are running a business, we face several situations.Different clients come to us, the climate changes, a lot of things happen.What does a businessman focus on? That I need to make profit.The Businessman will clearly tell the other person that he does not want to do business with him.Which means he will not go under loss.Which means he does not entangle with that client.No he will not.Likewise we should not entangle with the energy of the other person, when it does not suit us.Can a person be so alert?If you can take care in business?I can pay attention in business.Because I know that if I have bought something for 2 Rupees, I cannot sell it at 1 Rupee.I will sell it for 2.25 or 2.5 Rupees.In this case, with so much effort in the morning I created 5 nice thoughts.Now I cannot let them go just like that. Isn't it? Now I understood that we cannot lose it.If all of us check ourselves When we are normal and there is no situation in front of us When we are not remembering the past, we are not anxious about the future.When nothing of that sort happens, then this is contentment. Right now I am contented which means my business right now is going well.When will there be a loss? The moment there is a stimulus.

                                                        An example that somebody says something And I start creating thoughts of being judgmental or critical.I started thinking about their behaviour and created negativity So the loss has begun internally.Why do I feel hurt? I started creating a loss and then I felt hurt .The feeling of hurt will come much later It will not come at the beginning itself. Feeling hurt implies that the business inside is moving towards bankruptcy.Why did it happen? Because the moment there was a situation What quality of thoughts did I create? In the same moment and situation if I had created the opposite quality of thoughts You are saying - I created such a quality of thought. If it was so easy When the two children at my home had more siblings being born Why do these children feel scared or insecure about the love they will get henceforth? They feel that they are not being loved enough, but the newborns get more attention.The children are creating such thoughts.If they start creating such thoughts right from that age, then it must be a natural process.It is not natural. The child has created that thought.They don;t feel hurt immediately.We started from that age and today at the age of 60 or 70 we continue to think so? Right. And you are suggesting that we change the thoughts which started creating from birth.Are you saying thoughts are created or natural?Is it not natural if a 2-year-old child can create such thoughts?Isn't it a soul in the body of a 2.5-year-old body?It seems natural but you are saying they create it.Will 2 children react the same way, when there are more kids are born in that home?Yes.Exactly the same way?Not exactly the same. They feel sad in their own ways.Somebody gets angry, somebody says it upfront, someone quietly goes into pain.Which means it is so simple. Each child chooses a different option.Somebody will start throwing things around in anger.Which means they respond differently.There might be some child who will not do any of this. And some other child may do all this Someone will react very less. Someone will suppress it within and someone will react outside.Different responses dependent on what thought that soul created.Creating a thought - is it in a child;s control?The soul is creating the thought isn't it?The baby so young and has just taken a body.The body is not creating any thought.What is the connection between the body and thought creation?It is like saying - You have worn a new dress and you have created a thought.What is the relation of clothes with thoughts? What has a new body got to do with it?So a small child is not actually be called small at all?Yes. Young child need not be called young because the soul is not young.And the thoughts created by that child will also depend on The carry forward balance sheet which that soul has brought What is the profit and loss in that balance sheet?The Sanskars which are carried forward Which is the power of the soul Any soul which has earned a lot of profit from its previous journey It means the soul's energy is very powerful Then in the present situation Even when the costume is 1 year old, 2 years old or 3 years old Right now nobody has taught that soul anything, but that soul has already come with a lot of profit.Any soul which has already carried forward a lot of profit Which means when the soul is powerful That soul will create a different type of thought in its present situation.But if a soul has come into this lifetime, carrying forward loss from previous journey If that soul has come already being weak, depleted, aggressive, violent or reactive All these are carry-forward losses, isn't it?When the soul brings carry forward loss with itThen in its present situation, what kind of thoughts will the soul create?It will create weak thoughts.Now the present parents and other elders will teach that soul how to run the business and make profits inside.You had read a line the other day That education system should focus on how to live, not how to make a living.But if the elders give the child everything perfectly outside But if they can see that the soul;s personality is on the side of loss, internally Which means the soul is not very powerful If they ignore this aspect not pay attention Then the child will continue to go on the side of loss.When the child keeps going on the side of loss Then when the child faces situations as the bodily age grows How will the thoughts be? They will be of the same quality.Then in the long run, energy will gradually keep depleting.And then when the soul leaves this body This point seems very valid Because both the children at my home are of the same age If you keep a chocolate on the dining table One of them will instantly agree to eat the chocolate after having meal.The other will insist on eating the chocolate first and then having meal.Which means both of them created different thoughts.One kid will just ensure that we will give the chocolate for sure, and have meal calmly.Whereas the other child will argue and fight until the chocolate is given.It depends on what is a carry-forward balance sheet of both the children.On 31st March When the balance sheet is closed On 1st April the same balance sheet reopens It doesn't start on a blank page.Whatever was my balance sheet in my last costume Now only the year has changed, which means only my costume has changed.Balance sheet starts from exactly the same point where it had ended in my last birth.That is why you will find some soul on the profit side And another soul will seem to be on the Loss side.But it doesn't matter.In the case of the chocolate, both are creating different thoughts This proves the fact that they are creating their thoughts.Yes, they are creating.If there are of the same age and have the same upbringing, then why don;t both of them create the same thoughts?Why don;t the create the same thoughts? Because they have different energy levels Their soul powers are different.So automatically they create different thoughts.What is important is that the child which is a little more reactive We can take that child also towards profit, very easily.And it is also possible that the soul which had come from the profit side Can go into a loss.It can happen, isn't it?Suppose it is 2015 and on 31st March I have a lot of profit.My balance sheet says I have done amazingly well.But by the time I reach 2017?Instead of profit I might be going under loss.When I reach 2020 I might I can go back to profits.This is our journey.Likewise in one costume I might have done very good karmas. I created nice thoughts and my balance sheet is showing profits And then when a child is born, that child is born with profits Now the biggest influence on the child is the education in the present.It is about what will the child;s parents and environment teach him.Sometimes a child is very peaceful and patient because he has come with profits.But the parents teach the child to get angry.That is the child that if someone tells him something at school, then he should not keep quiet.They teach - If someone hates you then you should also hit back. You should not keep quiet.If the child gets such education, then all the child had brought profits But how did people around the child teach him to do business?And why did the parent teach the child to do business in such a way?Because that is the way that parent does business.If the parent soul is reactive by nature, what will they teach the child?Likewise if the child has come carrying loss - you said one of the children at your home is slightly reactive.If the pay parent teaches as - No, patience is the way. Peace is the way. Love is the way.That child will learn very soon Earning inside here takes very less time. Earning outside takes a long time.It all depends on what our priority is.Look at children today and what the people around are teaching them It will clearly show the priority of that family.That is why we said the compass is so important.If we make a child hold the compass which says This world is very ruthless If you want to be successful, love doesn't help.You will need to lie. And if someone is not right you will need to be angry.If someone hits you then you should hit back twice.This means that child had probably brought a nice value compass. And now we have made the child drop it.Not just confusing the child, but the child will go on another path very soon.It happens even with adults.We meet a lot of people who say - These used to be my values.I would run my business very lovingly I was very compassionate towards my staff.But other people told them - You cannot run business like this.If you do not create fear among your staff, they will take you for granted.So because of the company the person keeps, what does he do to his value compass?He drops it.So what is my priority?It is very important.

 Bkshivani-why i am not contented/satisfied
so only thinks make you satified/contented

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