Byasdev-mahavarat writer

Byasdev-mahavarat writer


                                    Krishna dwaipayan byas or byasdev is great indian writer ,philosopher ,scientist. his father was "parasar" and mother "satyabati" . he was born at 'dwaipan dwip' near right side of yamuna coast.
                                        Bayasdeb was black ,clumsy, matted haired but high spirited parson. He lived  always back country for his clumsy figur. But his wonderful and fandamental activites facinet all.

Byasdev-mahavarat writer

                               First , he devided the veda in four part and then his name changed as"vedabayas". He wrote eighteen "purans" and eighteen "upa-puranas". Srimad bhagbat and epic mahabharat was written by him. He also memorises the bhagbat geeta where krishna advised to arjuna in kurukshetra youdh. This geeta is feliciated now all over the world as a philosophycal book . Total thirty eight fandamental subject was written by him. The festival "guru purnima" held to dedicat him. It also known as "bayas purnima" because the day belived to be both his birth day and the day he devided the veda.  Many people think that more than one bayasdeb worte those and named bayasdeb . But there are no reliable proof / argument behind this thought.
                              To look directly kurukshetra youdh , he gave divyadrishty to sanjay on mahavatrat. So we can say that he invented the duradarshan on that time( dapar yuga) .  At last, I keep my hearty respect and pranam to this great indian writer, philosopher , scientist.


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